European Cup Group Stage-Group D, Group E, Group F

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After reading the first article of the European Cup analyzing groups A, B, and C, this article will discuss the group matches D, E, and F.

European Cup Group Stage-Group D, Group E, Group F

After reading the first article of the European Cup analyzing groups A, B, and C, this article will discuss the group matches D, E, and F. Interested fans must not miss it!

Group D (Wales, Netherlands, Austria, France)

France has always been the favorite to win the championship in international competitions. Of course, the one that has attracted much attention is the “genius forward” Mbappe. He announced some time ago that he would leave Paris Saint-Germain to join Real Madrid, and ended up gloriously by winning the French Cup. In his career in Paris, this time he will lead his teammates to the championship as the captain of the French team.

There are also Antoine Griezmann and N’Golo Kanté who play for Real Madrid. Kanté is also known as “the man who blocks Messi.” These two Coupled with Mbappe’s French team being full of firepower, it’s no wonder they are hailed as favorites to win the championship!

The Netherlands finished second behind France in the qualifiers and faced each other in the European Cup group stage. They lost the last two games against France. Current Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk Dijk) seems unable to defeat France by relying on his own influence alone, and may finish second in the group.

Poland’s player worth paying attention to is the 35-year-old Lewandowski, but Poland has not been very outstanding in international competitions in the past few years, so even with the blessing of one of the best forwards currently active, it may be difficult to strive for it. Advance.

Austria has made great progress in football in recent years, especially under the leadership of former Manchester United coach Rangnick. However, this alone cannot keep pace with strong teams like France. This year, Austria has poor luck and was assigned to a team with more strong teams. group, so it is speculated that they will travel in one round.

Group E (Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine)

Belgium’s Eden Hazard announced his retirement in October last year, which made fans worry whether Belgium’s trip to the European Cup would be short-lived. However, Belgium has not lost in the qualifying rounds! Only the match against England resulted in a draw, and “Tintin” Kevin De Bruyne (Kevin De Bruyne) sat at the core of the team and still maintained sufficient competitiveness!

Ukraine’s football performance has been good in recent years. They have recently tied with Germany, England and Italy, which means that they have the ability to fight to the death with powerful countries! Ukraine has recently seen a gathering of football talents, including Mykhailo Mudryk and Artem Dovbyk.

In addition, the overall strength of this group is weaker than other groups such as the “Death Group” Group B, so Ukraine and Belgium can basically break through the group stage smoothly, but it remains to be seen whether they can reach the second half of the Champions League!

Slovakia originally had Marek Hamšík, but he also retired last year and served as one of the national team coaches, but this was not enough for Slovakia to break out of the cocoon; Romania has no star outside the team , and the results in international competitions also have no outstanding performance.

Group F (Türkiye, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic)

Ronaldo is participating in the European Cup for the sixth time , and has been in excellent form in recent club matches, becoming the Saudi League scoring champion! But he was on the bench during the 2022 World Cup knockout rounds, so whether he will play is still a question mark.

However, the Portuguese team still has several back-up players to support the team, such as João Félix and Bernardo Silva. Qualifying in the European Cup group stage will definitely not be a problem!

The core of the Czech team is Tomáš Souček, a versatile midfielder with both offense and defense. However, because the Czech Republic relies too much on him, if he is not in good condition that day or is blocked by the opponent, the Czech Republic’s winning rate will drop significantly.

Georgia is participating in the European Cup for the first time after breaking through the play-offs. In addition to lack of experience and players who are unable to lead the team to break through the difficulties; Turkey has more experience in international competitions, but has not made much breakthrough, and can only look forward to Real Madrid’s rookies. Could Arda Güler be a glimmer of hope for Turkey?